Flutter-view 2.0.2 has been released, with various small fixes and improvements. Read more

Flutter-view 2.0.2 Released

March 30, 2022

Styling now also works on BoxDecorations!

Simply add styles to any box-decorations using SASS and flutter-view will now pick them up.

Added some default ignores

Now that we are creating null-safe code, there were some warnings that automatic code generates that do not impact our code and are more for correct code style. Default ignores are now added so you do not get unnecessary warnings.

Color parsing bug fixed

Color weights of 50 could give an error. This has been fixed.

Text escaping workaround

There are cases where you use ${...} expressions inside text in a pug file, and there flutter-view cannot know how to interpret quotes. As a workaround, instead of escaping both " and ', flutter-view now only escapes '. This means you can always quote with double quotes to bypass and fix any quotation issues.

Assign is back in

For backwards compatibility, Assign has been fixed and is now type-safe.

To pass a type to an assign, pass the type in the name property. For example:

assign(name='User user' :^value='model.app.currentUser')
	.welcome-message Hello ${user.name}

This has been updated with the new 2.2.4 version of the flutter-view-widgets support library. Be sure to update your dependencies.