Flutter-view 2.0.2 has been released, with various small fixes and improvements. Read more

Flutter-view 2.0.0 Released

March 02, 2022

Support for Dart 2.12+ and Null-safe code

Flutter-view now generates null-safe code!

Besides flutter-view itself, the flutter-view-widgets companion library also got a null-safe update with flutter_view_widgets: ^2.0.0-dev.1.

If you upgrade to the new version, please upgrade this dependency in your pubspec.yaml.

  • Note: If you have a legacy project and do not want to migrate to the new Dart version, do not upgrade your flutter-view *

Other changes

Besides null-safety support, the following features and fixes were added:

  • Warnings now get ignored per file, and these warnings are configurable.
  • Support for assign has been dropped, as it was an antipattern
  • HTML and CSS never worked correctly, and now only PUG and SCSS are supported
  • Documentation has been updated to reflect all above changes